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On poverty and riches …

At the root of most riches and most poverty is a cultural heritage; and not just a personal one, but family, community, racial, generational, gender, national, racial and even geographical. The rich become rich because the rich are rich. The poor become poor because the poor are poor. Any explanation of success or failure which does not account for this is mostly wrong.


What I am doing (The 1st Edition)

Below is a list of things I am actively doing on a daily and sometimes doesn’t-always-work basis.

  1. Mastering guitar (Electric & Acoustic)
  2. Mastering Bass (guitar)
  3. Mastering Keyboard/Piano
  4. Learning to sing
  5. Learning to speak Lingala

All of the 5 quests are done for love. As you can imagine, this presents me with a big challenge in how I manage my time given that I am a full-time human being, hubby, dad and employee.

Yesterday I started learning to speak Lingala

Yesterday, someone said to me: “You have too many hobbies”! That doesn’t sound like a compliment; does it? 😉 I didn’t quiet like the word hobby; In my mind that word doesn’t quite fit in describing what I am doing. But I get it. I can’t help it.

Yesterday I started learning how to speak Lingala. It was not something planned. I was loitering on the ‘net when I came across what looks like very good material in the subject. I am now curious to find out from experience what it takes to learn another language in your mid 30’s.




Being what you want to become

The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. This is a fixture of life and cannot be otherwise. How then can the poor become rich, you ask. The simple answer is that they don’t.  The difficult answer is that for the poor to “become” rich they must be rich.  It works. You must be now what you want to be-come. Are you?