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Week #2 – Developing the Bass Techique

This week I am giving the Bass Technique my all. I probably won’t touch any other Instrument; This week, its the bass through and through. Two Three things I will be working on:

  1. Developing the Plucking hand technique
  2. Developing the Fretting hand technique
  3. Coordinating Plucking and Fretting

I want to make good of the above before I can move on to more advance stuff.

Below is the material I am working with.

Wherever you are spending this week, here’s hoping your are learning something.

Week #1 Goals

Today’s post is the first of the many blog posts that seek to turn this blog from one where I talk about what I think about life to one that chronicle some things that I am doing with my life. This will general come in form of weekly posts of the things that I am taking time to do in my corner of the Universe.

From time to time, there may be a post on some philosophical musings (good habits are hard to kill 😉 ) but it will may not be the normal feature of my posting in the next foreseeable future.


Yesterday, I sat down to look at things I would love to work on during this week beginning Monday, 17th November 2014. I came up with 3 goals for the practice room:

  1. Practicing Lead guitar for the song Mwalibomba by Zambian gospel artist Kennedy Chiluba
  2. Practicing Lead Guitar for God is Able by Hillsong Live
  3. Practicing right hand technique for Bass.

My life involves a lot more than practicing guitar, obviously. But this is my official list of things I am deliberately working on this week.